Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Those milestone moments don't end after the first year...

Last week, the "baby" had his first energy drink. Yeah, bad mommy...but he really was being very low key about his 12th birthday...declining offers to have friends over, go to water world, even said "don't really need a present Mom, we've done loads of stuff this summer". So, with that, how could I resist his tender request to "Do you think, I could maybe try, you know...an energy drink?".

The verdict? "Eww...way too sweet, it needed extra water"....followed by "WOW, these are expensive, I think I'll stick to lemonade". (yeah, glad at least for now, this curiosity has been quenched)

Next up was to let him light his own candles. Who could resist with the flame producing device we found on vacation...a long handle lighter shaped like an M-16 rifle. Despite my hovering, he managed to light all the candles without burning himself.
And finally....first time in years I had the right number of candles for the birthday cake.(um, make that pie, the boy wanted Huckleberry pie...just like we had on vacation. good thing he told me that while we were still in Montana and I could pick up the supplies). Yeah Me: usually I have no candles and we end up lighting the baptism candle. But this year? I had it right.

Now the younger Thing is officially 12 and has headed off to middle school. Day 2, and he asks his brother at dinner "When do we actually start to you know...learn stuff?" Apparently, 2 days of getting to know you stuff and he's ready to move on.

I snuck a quick peek at his getting to know you worksheet...here are some of the things he had to say about himself.

  • A list of books I've read: Behind the Bedroom Wall, all 5 Lightening thief Books and the first 2 Harry Potter books. (mom notes: he has read more, but I guess these were his favorites?)

  • In school I want to learn "all they have to offer" (can you say Class Kiss Up?)

  • I would like to be better at video games, typing and viola

  • I fear rats, foreclosures and bankruptcy

  • Words that best describe me: lazy, tired, unwilling to do lots of new things, giving, friendly, a mid-sized kid in height, smart, musically inclined


Laura said...

Oh my, the age of innocence has passed, hasn't it. Engery drinks, lighting his own b-day candles, and a fear of bankruptcy and foreclosure. Good to know that through all these changes he's still his good natured, friendly, giving self!

tz said...

fearing foreclosure and bankruptcy...hahaha, may be the reason he was concerned about the price :D economically savvy kiddo! awesome