Tuesday, July 19, 2011

All roads lead to....Home!

Hey Guys...look it's Yellowstone again
(cue the moans/groans from the peanut gallery in the backseat)
Fear not, it is just the easiest way to get where we need to go...
And, we're about halfway home too!
Crossing the continent...

See guys, told you we were just passing through Yellowstone....

Now we're headed to another national park

cue more moans-groans and a cry..."but this is the THIRD one this vacation".

Yep, you can count son! I am so proud of you

More mountain pictures for my sister Laura...

Oh, you mean this does not apply to my kids?

Here, have some cheetos boys...we need to keep moving

We've got miles to cover, mountains to see, and apparently continents to divide

(having just passed another divide sign, we would cross it at least 5 times that day)
Clouds cleared, looks like the storm is not going to follow us home...

Can you call it brunch if your first meal of the day isn't until 2pm?
Ah, but it was a tasty sandwich

The restaurant with the tasty sandwiches had this cool playground...

You'd think after sitting next to each other for over 2,000miles they wouldn't want to sit next to each other on the swings. Nope...they are still liking each other...

No need to seek alternative means of transport home...Schnitzel continues to perform as if she is on the Autobahn in Germany. *and I have yet to receive a performance award, which is good...have I mentioned she just floats at 80mph?

And here we are with one of my dearest college pals...Jen.

On our way to see Jen and her family, Thing One said "Does she have any hot chicks for daughters?"I didn't know how to answer that....so I didn't.But, here is Jen, her hubby and 3 of her 5 kids (the little girl was the neighbor girl...the teen aged boys were not around for the photo op).

Thing One begged to stay longer at their house....I am guessing he found the scenery here more pleasing to the eye than all the mountains, glaciers and geysers I'd exposed him to over the past 11 days.

And now...I am home. 2600 miles, 11 days, 3 national parks.

Happy trails to you!


Charlie6 said...

Great pics at Teton park!

shirley said...

Totally jealous! I would love to go on a trip like that! Wonderful pictures and I'm glad I got to see it through your eyes.

bobskoot said...


as much fun as a road trip is, there's nothing like your own bed and a familiar washroom. It was great to be part of your journey, and thanks for doing my laundry

I notice you're learning, one food photo is a start.

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