Sunday, May 22, 2011

Heart 2 heart...

Judy, Eric and Allie Spring 2008

Earlier this week, as I walked Thing One out to the front of my school and send him up the hill to his school, he asked to borrow my stethoscope. You know nurses, we always wear the thing around out neck like an accessory.

He puts it to his heart (there is hope for him yet, he knew exactly where to place it), listened for a moment or two and quickly handed it back to me...with a classic Thing One remark

Here you go Mom, I've heard enough...

Yep son, I too have heard enough this week.

Unfortunately, it isn't quite time for me to hand over or hang up the stethoscope. There are a couple weeks left in the school year and then summer vacation starts up.

A summer that will be unlike any other summer I hold the hand of one of the best friends a girl could ever be blessed with as Judy takes on the biggest medical challenge that gets tossed our way.

Halloween Madness October 1999, Things and the Lish Girls

It really is not my story to tell...but from time to time I may use this blog to share some of my thoughts on the matter. A way for me to process what is going on with my friend. and yes, I'm sure I'll find a light hearted fun way to express it....for that's what makes this blog such a happy Ride....focusing on the happiness that I experience in my life.
It is what Judy will want...always happy...always positive..

It's time I get on that Ride too!

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