Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Telling it like it is...

For starters:
  • Driving home from the store, both boys in the car. I started to ask them if when we got home would they....and before I even had a chance to finish my request, younger Thing quickly chimes in with a "Sure Mom, whatever you need. Oh wait, I suppose I should have waited to find out what you were going to ask". I burst out laughing...and said, "Boy, dial it down, you are kissing up".. "I know Mom, I find it makes me liked by more people when I do that". Mr. Tell it Like it is strikes again!

Meanwhile, back at the school...
  • it's been a busy start to the week. Monday, I broke a "record" that need not be broken. Left work wondering if it was National Bring Your Weed to School day? as I tested 7 kids that afternoon. Pleased to report only one was high, but a couple were still sent home because they had the "right stuff" (though bringing it to school, makes it the wrong stuff). This came after a lunch time encounter with the paramedics. Seems a kid decided to pass out and have his initial seizure on my watch. Good news is, he's ok. Bad news? yet again, I was too worried about the student's health to even notice if the fireman hotties were hot.
  • Yesterday, I found myself dealing with frostbite and diaper rash. I am happy to report, it wasn't the same kid with both concerns. Just that reminder that we see a little bit of everything.
Changing my image...
  • For some reason, I've earned the reputation of being a bit serious and straight laced at work. For those that have met me (or in the case of some, who have known me my entire life), you know that is far from the case. I had the opportunity yesterday to hopefully show folks I am not ALL work and no play...'
  • My principal had heard about the busy day I'd had on Monday and came by to thank me for a job well done. I smiled and said "So, I suppose now is not a good time to tell you my husband had a job interview today?". The look of worry on his face was priceless! Couldn't leave him hanging for too long when I giggled and added "Oh, but it is for a job here in town!".

So this 'bout wraps up the latest here at our place...a little laughter both home and at work. I'm still taking daily pictures, just not daily blogging (that? is simply too much to tackle!)

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tz said...

I hope the stashes were for recreational use and not for commerce :D