Sunday, January 30, 2011

Challenged to catch up

Last week got a little crazy, but the camera was still working. Here's a quick recap.

1.30.11: the calm before the storm. The weather people tell us we'll have a high of 0 on Tuesday
1.29.11: Costco on a Saturday? yep, it's official...I'm insane

1.28.11: TGIF...and a warm one at that!

1.27.11: Beef (and Bok Choy): it's what's cooking!

1.26.11: Feeling blue? Moosey saves the day. Thanks Thing One for sharing him

1.25.11: My new mantra? It's only hair, it's only hair. After years of having boys with buzz cuts, this longer-shaggy look is taking some time to adjust to (but he loves it)


Charlie6 said...

thanks, now I have this craving for more of that delicious Bok Choy and Beer Stir Fry!

shirley said...

The shaggy hair is definitely the rage!
Stop by my blog - I've got something for you, Martha!

tz said...

oh my gosh thing two is so freakin' cute!