Saturday, September 11, 2010

Open Letters

Dear Cowards:
No, we haven't forgotten. 9 years later, and the horror of that day lives on in our memories. Not only will we never forget, I will never forgive.
Proud Patriot

Dear Helicopter Mom
I'm so sorry that "someone" forgot to take the medicine out of your daughter's back pack. I hope by "someone" you really mean your daughter. Because, I've got 2399 other little darlings to worry about. I don't inspect the backpacks. That's the Dean's job. And trust me, he ain't looking for what your daughter is packing!
Weary School Nurse

Good Afternoon Mrs. Germaphobe
I'm so sorry to hear that Princess has strep. You say she caught it on the bus? Oh my bad, here I thought it was from the boy I saw her kissing last week. Sure, I can let the bus driver know she needs to disinfect her ride. But let's just be clear, if Princess ends up preggers, you probably might want to re-think my "germ theory".
Nurse Blunt

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Dodi said...

LOVE these, needed the giggle!