Monday, April 12, 2010

Who are you?

and....what have you done with my first born son?

and....well, it's OK if the old version stays missing for a bit longer....

Tomorrow Thing One has a MAJOR social studies unit final. In chatting with another mom, I learned that the teacher was offering some sort of after-school review/tutor session last Friday.

As I started to get all worked up over the reality that Thing One had blown off this opportunity to put in some supervised study time with his teacher, Thing One quickly corrects me:

"Mom, it wasn't after school, it was at lunch on Friday and I went!"

"Really? You went without me even knowing it was going to happen? You took initiative and knew this was important?"....I asked.

"Well, D'OH....I didn't want you to go all MULK" on me" (Mulk: a word coined by the Things to describe their loving Mother when she morphs into the HULK).

Aw......the Mulk is melting away....her super powers of nagging not necessary at this moment in time.


Karen said...

That is awesome! Glad to hear Thing One realized it was important and went on his own. that :)

Laura said...

Way to go Patrick! Here's hoping he does well on today's test. And if not, so be it. All can know he did his best, especially in the studying dept., and that in itself is worthy of an A.