Sunday, April 18, 2010

While I was away...

Pretty neat place, isn't it? Thanks Mrs. M. for inviting me to join you on your fun girl's weekend.
I'm so happy I went.....and hoping that happiness gets me up and moving tomorrow morning when the alarm goes off way too early!

When I got home this afternoon, I'm whining to the Things about my super-stuffy nose. Thing One, with his future in medicine now firmly ruled OUT, announced "well, it is probabl y because you were up there at that higher evolution!".

Besides sitting by the fire, sipping my wine and watching the snow fall...I did find my crafty mojo....spending the weekend revisiting our trip to SW Colorado. Hope you enjoy these 'recaps'

These are just 6 of the 20 pages I finished this weekend. Go ME!

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Laura said...

Am so happy for you that you had this opportunity for a weekend of R&R. It certainly was long overdue. Looks like it was a perfect time of relaxation, fellowship with friends, and extreme productivity. You go girl!