Wednesday, March 10, 2010


First day working my new job (subbing as a nurse at an area high school)...
  • 1st patient: tearful 15 year old, who took a test last night and it was positive. Now what she wonders?
  • 2nd patient: "Um, I need some alcohol for this"...and young girl sticks out her tongue, pierced and yeah....infected.
  • 3rd patient: "I'm intoxicated". Really? I didn't notice that you smell like a tavern, you are puking and it isn't even 11 a.m. This young 16 yr old was escorted via ambulance to the local hospital after his blood alcohol level registered 0.124.
  • 4th patient: Thing One......calling me on my way to my afternoon gig at another high school. Tearfully he tells me "Mom, I am so sorry....but this was my fourth tardy to theatre arts. I promise, it won't happen again".
Ok, so he isn't pierced, pregnant or puking......I think I should just count my blessings on this one!


ganelle said...


I guess I never figured out before that the school nurse gets that kind of thing way more intense than a regular HS teacher.

Good luck with all that!!!

tosin said...

Ooooh. And Thing One gets a pass!! Isn't he lucky he was Patient #4 and not Patient #1, or he might not have met the same fate.

Laura said...

Oh my, who knew a school nurse is also a pre-natal and drug rehab counselor! I most certainly do live in a very protected bubble.

agent713 said...

Wow. God bless you and give you strength!!!

Mrs. Kravitz said...

Um... scary... You just made me appreciate the job of school nurse a lot more. And decide I'm never letting my kids go to high school. :) Definitely keeps things in perspective!

Dodi said...

...and I have daughters. help me now.