Friday, December 25, 2009

The things he says

Thing One...continues to amuse us with his take on life...

A few nights ago, I sent him upstairs to get ready for bed. He went upstairs as he was told, but missed the part about getting ready for bed. When confronted about this, he replies loudly "I'm a MAN, and don't you know that MEN DON"T LISTEN"!

Then there is the whole "Santa situation"
He recently admitted that many of the kids at school have told him that "Santa is just your dad". But in typical Thing One fashion he shrugged it off and said "Have you seen MY dad? He's like Chinese and could that be Santa?"

yep, we'll always have Thing One..


tz said...

very logical! merry christmas!

Lee said...

LOVE it! Thanks for the giggle. Hope you had a wonderful holiday with your men ... and snow, Martha.

Colleen O said...

That's hilarious. Caitlin's is - "that would mean everyone is lying, and and . . . why would they do that?" (Good question, why do we do that?)

We sipped your hot cocoa as per instructions last night, btw! And gobbled up the fudge - thanks for the yummies.

Dodi said...

LOVE that last part... "Have you seen MY dad?" I needed that!