Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Season of Joy: 16 very tired...

But I think for the first night in a long time, I shall sleep like a baby.

Today, I found joy in the concept of teamwork. Two projects came together with a perfect outcome. One involved some "elf work". (and OMG, if you met this sweet 5 yr old, you'd be beaming with joy knowing her Christmas morning is going to be so magical).

The other involved working together with my fellow RN-classmates.
At times I've questioned: do I really want to join the rat-race of nursing? Backstabbing and upstaging is very prevalent.
But not with these 11 classmates: everyone chimed in willing to help, voicing their opinions and creating a united front.

What amazing things can happen when we all work together....this is joy in action!

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