Sunday, November 08, 2009

Thanksgiving 8

Looking through some old photos, I found this cute one of the Things....back on our first trip to Seussland. What a fun adventure that was...

Six years ago...we made a trip to FL. We took in some Homecoming events for Hubby and we took a trip to Universal Studios (not part of the original plan but the weather in Ft. Lauderdale was not cooperating with my idea of a "beach only" vacation).

But for me, one of the highlights was visiting Hubby's uncle and family.
See, it's different: I grew up spending holidays with my extended family. I know all my cousins and can remember most of their children's names....

Hubby? Not so his extended relatives all arrived in the US at different times and settled in different locations.
So, at 40 something, Hubby was still meeting cousins and aunts he never knew he had.
I've been thinking a lot of Uncle Andy and his family these past couple of weeks.

You see, his wife, had a very serious stroke on Labor Day weekend and sadly lost her battle to recover on October 27th. She was only in her late 50s.

Today, I'm thankful for having had the opportunity to meet Aunt Seen Che (Cindy)....I will always remember the warm embrace she had for me when she met me...and the lovely chat we enjoyed while dining at Uncle Andy's restaurant. She welcomed me as family......and I am forever grateful for that visit where I knew I was accepted as part of "the family".
Acceptance....indeed a gift worth being thankful for!

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