Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The makings of a great spouse

Yesterday morning I was rather worked up (read:  totally annoyed and po'd).  I started fussing (ok, ranting with a bit of cursing tossed in for good  measure).

I had totally forgotten that Thing One was still in the car with me (this one kid in school, the other not?  Yeah, still problematic for me,!).

When all of the sudden I hear his sweet voice
"Um, if you need to keep talking to yourself, I can close my ears!"

Yep,if he keeps this up and he'll be a keeper in the spouse department!  (next up:  getting him to master the lid lift and the pick up after yourself  skills and he'll be all set!)


Karen said...

"I can close my ears!" snicker, snicker, snicker. I say this too and people think I'm crazy. Said it work today and the guys all looked at me and said Huh?

KEN PHENIX said...

haha that was classic! I really enjoyed meeting Thing 1 and Thing 2 last month. Covert question: What's Hubby's dob? I want to wish him a happy birthday when he turns the BIG FIVE OH!