Saturday, June 27, 2009

Don't mess with me...

I'm brave (or stupid) enough to take 3 boys to a water park by myself.  Hubby is working some really wacky hours and I am holding down the fort while he is either working or sleeping (and sadly, he is not necessarily doing these two tasks in the time frame that the rest of the world does so).  

So, if you happen to be a roofing contractor trying to get my business I suggest you take note:  I will NOT sign a contract until you present me with an estimate.  It is really none of your business as to how much my insurance is covering. I need you to tell me how much you will charge me then we'll talk specifics and find a number we all agree on.  

 And finally, if you want me to believe you are a "local" company, I highly suggest you not show up with your out of state plates and clothing hanging in the back of your pick up truck.   It really seems like you are living out of your truck.  Why is that?  

So don't be fooled by the fact that you are dealing with the little woman...I'm more than capable of making grown men fear me (just ask that hubby of mine...assuming he's home or awake!)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thinking of you Thursday...more than three

At dinner this evening,  we were commenting on the "three" factor as we talked about the passing of Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcet and now Michael Jackson.  The boys asked us what this "death comes in three"  means and as we explained it,  Thing Two says..."no, that's wrong, things happened this time in fours, what about Joseph's sister?"

He's could we leave out her?

You see last week, a neighbor family experienced the unthinkable when the mom discovered her 5 month old daughter passed away during her morning nap.

So this evening, I say  to those famous and those not so famous...those old and those young:  May You Rest In Peace.. .we shall remember you fondly!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

All tuckered out

Took the Things and their buddy to Water World today. (a local water park)

A fun filled day...until the afternoon clouds rolled in. (hail no, not again? At least no twisters this time)

As we were heading out of the park, the friend said "I wouldn't mind if my dad sends me straight to bed when I get home!".

AG, I couldn't agree more. Is 6:40pm too early to call it a night?

Photos to follow...once I find some energy.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thinking of you Thursday

July 02: Kindergarten Bound (posed photo the day after, when he was more cooperative with the camera and figured school was a one day ordeal. Tears fell soon after he realized he had to go back THERE....
June 03: Back when it was still p.c. to celebrate kindie graduation. These days? They call it a Kindergarten Celebration. whatever...

Thing One: his last day of elementary school
Thing One: Middle School Bound 6.18.09

Here I sit...after the long week that is the last week of the school year....I can't really find the words to express what I"m thinking about.

Who would ever have guessed that: Martha without the right words? Hey, it happens...

In July 2002, I sent my baby off to The Big School.
So much excitement and anticipation "back then"
I wondered, I worried: would he catch up, would he fit in, would he make friends, would he...

And while so many of these worries are no longer there...I find myself finding new set of worries. But you know what is different this time? I'm also filled with a lot more excitement and anticipation to see how he conquers the new challenges that he will face.

For one thing I now realize about my first born child: he's capable of things I never imagined possible! He's got a style all of his own...and that alone will take him far! He may not take the path all the other kids take...but in the end? He'll be right there with all the others.

And for those of us raising quirky kids? It really doesn't get much better than that!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: A friend in need is a friend indeed...

A careless Thing was tossing his trunks in the air when an evil tree snatched them.  
When who should we spot, but the lovely Sunshine Girls and their Momma
After a little bit of giggling, we were able to dislodge the trunks and we all continued on with our adventure.

Oh yeah, this was supposed to be wordless, I forgot.  But somehow I thought if I just showed a picture of my son's trunks in a tree, you'd question my parenting and my sanity.  I felt compelled to share...the rest of the story!  

Without a doubt, we all get by with a little help from our friends...some days more than others!  Thanks ladies!  

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wise man..

Thing One has been unusually cooperative this past week.
Today, he let it slip what was his inspiration for such a cooperative and cheerful attitude:

"I'm not stupid Mom, summer break is about to start and you could pull video games just like that...and that'd be a bad way to start vacation"

Ah...I have the power and he knows it...wondering how long I can milk all this good stuff for?  

Monday, June 15, 2009

Mission Accomplished

Some days, accomplishing just ONE task is reason for celebration.
Today was such a day.

I've been telling myself for almost a month now "I need to go get my mammogram done". For one reason or another, I have put it off. They are done as walk ins where I go and yet, for whatever reason, it just wasn't making it to the top of my list and the clock was ticking.

So today, I made time for The Big Squeeze...

Have you?
Don't delay: knowledge is power, early detection is key, and really? You feel great checking it off of your To-Do List!

Friday, June 12, 2009

12 on the 12th:

There he goes, my oldest Thing, heading off to school.  Next week at this time, he'll be officially done with elementary school.  His bag?  Some sort of brown bag book report:  I know nothing about it.  He did it completely on his own (which as a crafty hovering parent, you know this sort of independence kills me...but I"m also glad he's capable and interested in flying solo more and more!)
I came home to this.  It's in the "don't ask" category of household management.  That same adorable Thing pictured above was determined to find something earlier in the week and this is what was left in his path.  I should work on putting it all back where it belongs.  But instead, I hop on Face Book and discover...
that my dear friend, TZ is willing and able to goof off.  So, I swing by her place.  Isn't her yard looking delicious these days?  All that rain has really helped green everything up.  That's for sure.
I tempted TZ with the idea of scoping out the local garage sale scene.  Really?  We just drive around the snooty neighborhoods, catch up on gossip, ooh and ahh over homes with cute curb appeal  and then I suggest LUNCH...
You see, TZ's birthday is Monday so I offered to take her out for an early celebration.  Mind you I told her that I'd take her to Rumbi:  then realized that was rude, so I asked her if she liked Rumbi.  Sometimes the pushy part of my Martha ways just takes over.  But really?  Who doesn't love Rumbi?
On the way home, we took the back way as I wanted to show her these rows of homes with incredible hail damage. On this yellow house,  where it looks like chipping paint? Those are  HUGE gouges in the sides of homes where the hail hit at what looks like 90 degree angles.Seriously, these pictures don't show the full magnitude and depth of the  damage.    YOWZA!
I delivered TZ back to her place.  I'm sure she went on to do amazing and productive things.  Me?  I realized I had a Friday tradition to food delivery
You see, years ago, I started to offer Thing One fast food on Fridays.  He was having a rough time of it and this was a good tool to motivate him.  But somewhere along the line, it has become our tradition.  Sure, I grumble and groan about the delivery service but I also must admit, I love seeing him and his posse of pals flock over to meet me when I show up with French fries on Fridays.  
I recently  joined the neighborhood social committe.  Yeah, I know, you are probably thinking "finally?"...
I needed to put up some signs for our upcoming Party In the Park event...and realized, I should offer a "pretty" glimpse of the 'hood after last week's views of the police presence.
For 12 yrs this corner of our subdivision has remained vacant. (Ok, probably longer, but we've only  lived here for 12 yrs). An assortment of people have promised great things for this corner and finally something is starting to happen.  I hear it is going to be a Sprouts.  This means I'll have less of an excuse for not offering fresh fruit and veggies more often.  Apparently, that is their specialty.  

It isn't just me starting to run on fumes.  The mystery van was one thirsty chick.  
And last stop before I go collect the Things, fuel for the family.  It's goulash soup for dinner?  Got plenty of left overs...come on over, if you happen to be in the area!  

Monday, June 08, 2009

And the excitement continues

I think I need to quit with the joking around.
First I call my neighborhood "the hood" and next thing I know the SWAT team is parked up the street.
Then, I joke with friends that we're so far east of the metro area, that you can practically see Kansas.

But for the record, Dorothy, you may keep your twisters.
This baby sized funnel cloud proved exciting enough for us.....wind, rain and hail. The Things and I were hanging in the basement. Not because we're good people who listened to the warnings (because guess what, there was no warning except for the county north of us)...but because it's a great place to hang during a storm.

Hubby was on his motorcycle, coming back from a mountain adventure. For a change, being on the west side of town proved to be the safer spot for him.

And then after the storm passed ...DISASTER struck...yep, a power surge took out our modem. Leaving us stranded: no phone, no cable and worst of face book for some 19 hours.

It was brutal I tell you: but somehow we survived and in doing so, we finished reading The Last Olympian, the laundry fairy came back AND she brought along the kitchen goddess and vacuum diva...

Life is good indeed
(and thanks to Eric M. for capturing a picture of the baby twister for us.)

Friday, June 05, 2009

Was that a compliment?

Thing One overhears me telling my friend how I'm having a blah day:  3 p.m and I'm still  wearing sweats, tshirt and no make up.  

He perks up when he  heard the word make up
"MOM, you never wear make up, that's for PRICEY ladies"

Usually I can translate "quirky" pretty easily but this one?  Has me STUMPED!  

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: The View of Park View

Hey folks, I was only joking when I refer to my community as the 'hood.