Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Bracing ourselves....

This week both Things had routine dentist visits.
Last time the dentist suggested we start to think about a visit to the orthodontist.

THIS time, the dentist said "So, which orthodontist shall we send these xrays to?"



ganelle said...

UCK!!! We need to get BB1 in for braces too. We did a pre-consult and decided to wait a bit longer before we spend more money on his teeth than I did on COLLEGE!!!

(You'll have to tell me where you end up. I'm still shopping around.)

Dodi said...

Oops!!! Better put that in the "to do" column!

We go to a dentist that spent an extra couple of years getting both specialties - he's both a pediatric dentist and an orthodontist. I was excited when I found this out - he bought the practice when dear Dr. Cohen retired... and it was some consolation at least.

Colleen O said...

pssst - i'm serious - kit cat would love to split that $100 referal bonus with you!