Monday, April 20, 2009

10 years ago...

Do you remember what you were doing 10 yrs ago?  Usually I struggle to remember yesterday's events much less something so far in the past.  But not so today.  

Ten yrs ago, I had just turned on the t.v. for some background noise. I was trying to finish up Thing One's baby book since I had some free time (my shift at work had been cancelled) and I knew that I needed to get this done before a second baby joined our family later that summer.

 The local news had just come on and was reporting some sort of shooting at an area high school.  By the end of the day, we would forever refer to this piece of news as the tragedy at Columbine.  
I didn't know anyone personally impacted by this tragedy.  But, I was a mother:  with one of my boys at daycare and my second son kicking around in utero. I sat in my loft and just sobbed with my heavy  heart aching for all those parents who were directly impacted by the events of the day.  

This morning, we had the news on when Thing Two asked "What's Columbine?"  He's fast approaching 10.  He's curious and we answered his questions as best we could.  

And when I was done, I found myself  again with that heavy heart...and asking for prayers that my children never find themselves in the midst of such a violent and tragic situation.  Where the safe place that they know, school, becames a place of violence.  And my prayers continue for those whose lives were forever changed that April day at Columbine HS.

Columbine...we will never forget

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Dodi said...

I still get really sad when I think of how do those parents cope?

Nice tribute!