Thursday, March 05, 2009

Thinking of you, Thursday

And ain't sweet things I"m thinking!
While we all can agree, you are a few fries short of a Happy Meal...I'm still stuck thinking about you and what you were/weren't thinking when you went off on this quest to become America's Freakiest Mom!

As a mom trying hard to raise two boys (one quirky with some special needs no less, though these days, he's more typical than quirky, thank heavens!), my days are long and full. 
And so is my when you say you wanted "just one more"...that should have been your first sign of crazy.  What was wrong with the 6 you already had?  What gap could possibly still exist that you felt the need for just "one" more?  

Yes, I do have other more important things to think about today:  taxes, travel, family health and well being.  But today, it just seems easier to rant about some clueless stranger than face my own worries.  


Sitting In Silence said...

I'm pretty sure that she was not thinking of them as teenagers....


Dodi said...

14 kids and one parent. No licensing bureau in this country would give that woman a daycare license with that child to adult ratio!

She needs a psychiatrist.
Hey, have people in other countries heard about this woman too? How embarrassing if this kind of "american symbolism" got past the borders!