Friday, March 20, 2009

Q & A

Thing Two asks me this morning "Why did you marry Dad?"  (this immediately following our silly routine of goodbye punches with I believe the dad winning this particular round...don't ask)

My response was "Well, I knew I'd have BEAUTIFUL babies if I married him"

Thing Two:  "That didn't work did it?"

I sense that there is just a tad bit of Grandpa Norman running through that boy (his paternal great grandfather, known for his sense of humor).  


Lee said...

I should know better than to be drinking coffee while reading your blog! Funny boy that one :)

ganelle said...

So cute! I always tell BB1 that I married Diamond so I could have a boy with beautiful blue eyes. (Course that doesn't work so well for my green-eyed BB2. Oh well...)

laura said...

Too funny! Ah yes, there is indeed a bit of Grandpa N coursing through his veins.

Cyn M said...

What a great boy you have there! I love the humour!!!