Saturday, March 14, 2009

Law Abiding Scout

So today, the little scout in the family had his first chance to sell stuff for scouts.  It's time for the Spring Scout fundraiser and they are selling discount coupon cards.  He did pretty well at his booth, given how shy he is about approaching strangers.  

On the way home, he asked if he could go door to door.  So I figured, what the heck, we'd "return the favor" to those who sell us cookies each year.  First stop:  Ms. Colleen-O:  the car was home but nobody answered.  Next stop, Dodi's house.  There was a car was in the driveway, but well...we don't know if they were even home....

You see, he got to the door of Home M. and noticed their sign.  No soliciting.
So, he marched back over to me shaking his head. 
 I thought that was odd...because I mean really, Dodi's family is as nice in real life as she appears to be online.  
But he firmly told me "Mom, I didn't even ring their bell"

I tried to tell him "Oh sweetie, go ahead, and try, it's ok....they know you"
"NO MOM, the sign said NO SOLICITING and well...that means ME"

And well, how do you argue with logic like that?  
So, if you want a scout show card, call us...because apparently, we won't be calling on you...  :)


Sitting In Silence said...

LOL....Awwwwwww that's a bit cute !
Hope your boys went well with their door knocking...

Dodi said...

Oh no!!!!! I'll be changing that sign as soon as possible to include "...but Scouts always welcome!" as I love the Boy scouts and Girl scouts to come to our door.

Please tell him I am sorry - and if he's like to try again call me and I'll take that awful sign down!

ganelle said...

What a sweet kid!

Colleen O said...

Don't let him see the Parkview Rules and Regulations book!