Monday, March 09, 2009

Home Sweet Home...

As some of you know, I took off for an impromptu weekend away to visit family.  SO not my style to make such a quick decision and take a last minute adventure.....but you know, sometimes you just have to act on those impulsive ideas and seize the moment to make time for family.

The Things and Hubby survived without me...though Thing One said this afternoon "Mom, I missed you"  
"Son, I missed you too". 
 "No Mom, I missed you MORE...and I missed your cooking.  Dad, well, he needs a little work in that department."
  "Really, what did he fix?"  
"Fast Food...but when you get it is much better!"

So there you have it...while they can survive with me being gone, sounds like I've still got some amount of job security left.


Lee said...

Carpe Diem! Good for you, Martha. We all need a bit of spontaneity every once in a while. But so good to get home!

ganelle said...

That is so funny! "It's all in how you swipe the credit card son - makes the McNuggets MUCH tastier!"

Dodi said...

I think that is one comforting thing about being a mom... dad can take care of their every need - but he is simply NOT the mom!

Colleen O said...

ah - mine are pressuring me for fast food this very evening, and you know what? I do it WAY better than their dad! It's true!