Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thinking of You Thursday

Today, I'm thinking of my dad.  He'll never see this...he doesn't understand face book, message boards and certainly not blogging.  But, at 75, I guess that's ok.  He does understand email and the benefits of high speed Internet access so I'll call it good in terms of his familiarity with the technology driven world we live in

According to the email I got a few weeks ago,today  Dad is on his way to Costa del Sol today.  Yes, he's in Spain.  For a man who grew up on a farm in rural WI,  he sure has managed to explore many parts of the world.  

I'm thinking about him: hoping he's having a good time, wearing proper sun gear (he had a skin lesion removed earlier this winter).   I'm hoping he's getting enough rest and not getting grouchy tired and taking it out on his traveling companion.  

I'm thinking that I hope I am never faced with some of the challenges he faced in his adult life.  He lost his job with one daughter in college and another daughter about to start college.  A year later, his wife would be diagnosed with breast cancer that would end up taking her life.

But if I do get thrown such life altering difficulties, I hope I can face these challenges with the determination he has shown.  He stood by my mom for the four plus years she battled breast cancer, when lesser men might decide to take an easier way out.  He continued to work and plan for a carefree retirement.  And since retiring, he's made the most of these "golden years".  He has honored my mother's memory by taking these adventures that he'd hoped to share with her.  

By the way, my dad did not work in corporate America, with multi-million $ bonuses.  Nope, he was a hard working teacher/educator. He manages  all this retirement fun  on a teacher's pension!  
These two water colors that I've included?  Done by Dad at his recent "elder hostel" paint class that he took earlier this month in Palm Beach, CA (or maybe it was Palm Desert, I admit, I don't pay close attention to everything he does).  

Yeah...I think about Dad...but I certainly don't worry that he's withering away during his retirement ...the proof is in his passport!  That man knows how to retire on a budget and in style!
And that is something I hope Hubby and I can also manage to do...  


laura said...

What a great tribute to Dad. If I didn't know better (that dad is spending our inheritance) I'd have thought for sure you were smoozing for an extra slice of pie!

Dodi said...

Thank you, because I hadn't cried yet today and your post moved me to tears!

I'm so happy for you guys that he is able to live such a wonderful life!!

Kaye said...

What a great post about your dad! I love his paintings.