Monday, December 08, 2008

Got cookies?

We do...or I might have to say we did. They turned out so yummy that very few remain.

Yesterday, Thing Two and I played around with the spritz cookie gun. The dough was a little too soft and they weren't turning out very good. So, I put him in charge of adding the colored sugar and told him "don't worry, I"ll let you play with the cookie gun once we finish". When we were all done I said, "Come here, son" and proceeded to shoot the leftover dough directly into his mouth.

While he was smiling and giggling and saying "yummy" with a mouth full of cookie dough, Hubby stated the obvious "He is SO your son!".

*photos? No, we were too busy laughing to think to take any pictures. Choosing joy over frustration right there in the kitchen...


Karen said...

That sounds like fun! Go mom, cookie dough the next food group. *wink*

Dodi said...

OK, every time I give the kids raw cookie dough I get a lecture about salmonella! and I thought our husbands were so similar, too.

and just like that? Your "fun mom of the year" award is totally back in your hot little hands!!