Saturday, November 22, 2008

Gratitude Challenge: Day 22

A cooperative husband and children...yep, that's what I"m thankful for today.
They not only agreed to wear the matching shirts I'd bought, but they packed their good attitudes and their smiles and I"m very pleased with the Holiday pictures we were able to take today.

And no...I'm not posting them here...yet...first let me get them mailed out so I don't spoil any one's snail mail surprises!


Sitting in Silence said...

Listen...if you still have those good attitudes packed somewhere...can you please post at least one out this way...I have a 12-13 year old that has lost hers....LMAO...xoxox

Dodi said...

Can't wait to see them!!!!!!!!!! You know I'm all about the family holiday cards!