Thursday, November 20, 2008

Gratitude Challenge: Day 20

It's hard to feel grateful when you're feeling blah, your laptop has a virus and your sunshine has moved over and made room for clouds and freezing rain.
But, proving I can stick with this challenge, here are my glass half full answers to the problems that plague me. I'm grateful for Advil Sinus that will soon clear up this stuffy head, very grateful for a Hubby who is skilled at fixin' computers. Last word was that the virus had been contained and minimal damage occurred. Go Dom!!!!

But as for the missing sunshine, the weathermen tell me I just better suck it up and accept the fact that today's forecast is lousy. I guess even that is OK...we are pretty lucky with the amount of sunshine we enjoy every year. An occasional cloudy day just helps me appreciate the sun all that more. Besides, I really should stay close to home and work on some of the chores that I've procrastinated on doing all week since the weather has been so unseasonably nice.

Yep, I've got that glass half full concept mastered...and that too is something to be grateful for!
PS: yes, I took this picture, but it was from one of our summer storms that rolled in. I thought that day that the clouds looked rather impressive. So even though I prefer a sunny day, I do appreciate the beauty of rolling clouds and the gifts they bring (moisture in a state that really needs water!)

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Menjiness said...

That is a beautiful picture!!!