Sunday, October 19, 2008

Nice boys or new strategies to stall bedtime?

The other evening, Thing One had his nose buried in my scrapbooks. They've been on the same shelf now for almost a year, but apparently, he just discovered them. He chimes in with "Mom, these books are so good. I love all the pictures and reading all the stories!".

"Thanks son, but come on, time to brush teeth"

Then last night, as we were watching the season finale of Project Runway (for which I believe I now must pay up on my wagers to Ms. Dodi), the younger thing starts in...

"Mom, you should try out for this show."
"But son, I can barely sew, much less design clothes"
"No, you need to go for the one for scrapbookers!"

OK, boys, it didn't work the other's not working tonight.
(but I am going to blog about it!)


Dodi said...

Do you know I haven't even watched the finale? I am very angry at the way the previous three episodes when that I am not sure I want to watch.

But? If they had one for scrapbookers - you'd be the LeAnne of the show!

Your boys? Smart boys!

Lita said...

Gotta give them points for trying though lol Sounds just like my eldest :)