Tuesday, August 12, 2008

12 on the 12th: A little bit of this and a little bit of that

0800: It's Tuesday...let's see who showed up for coffee?
0805: Oh Hi, TZ! Enjoying your last few moments of summer break before nursing school starts back up?
And look, here's JG and SB. They don't blog but they could. They are good people with fun stories to tell. 0930: Say what you want, I'm a good wife (making a parts run for theBrigitta, she's getting a new windshield1030: Yeah, he's been in the same location for the 10 years we've used Ed. Jones but somehow today I got lost (traveling around Cherry Hills. Them is some pretty fancy houses in that 'hood!).
1100: all errands and no fun makes for a dull day. So let's see what fun stuff they have at my favorite paper store.
11:45: Seems I caught every stinkin' one of these today (red lights)

1200: You can barely see the sign on the fence but today was election day...primaries for us. Slow day, all the helpers seemed to clamor around me....as if I were the only one to pass through in hours. I'm sure November will be a different story.

1300: In the category of sometimes it is the little things that make you happy. How 'bout that new four way stop sign? Could have used it when the Things were younger and crossing at this point in the road was a risky proposition. Eager to see how many high schoolers they nab when they start zooming through it once their school starts back up. KaChing Kaching: the sheriff should make his quota with tickets!

1515: 3rd grader....you know what that means. Endless attempts at Hot Crossed Buns...or whatever that squeaky tune is they play over and over.

1930: These goof balls decided to share the shower and conserve water. Crazy things (but clean)
2000: Sometimes you just need a little more potty humor to quiet your mind at the end of a long day!


Lee said...

Fabulous! My kids conserve water too, silliness ... but you're right ... clean :)

Colleen O said...

My 3rd grader is all about "Fudge". (Judy Bloom)

Where/what is Donahue Paper? A MC best kept scrapbooking secret?

ganelle said...

cute idea for a blog! I'll have to do that some time!

Midnite Scrapper said...

Ah, yes. The recorder lessons in 3rd grade. Love that year. LOL

tz said...

this is where i'm a bad parent, i beg him to practice in his room with the door closed...there are just some musical notes that ARE not music to MY ears...

agent713 said...

Hot Cross Buns
Hot Cross Buns
One a penny
Two a penny
Hot Cross Buns



That and "Mary Had a Little Lamb" are the extent of my musical abilities :D