Thursday, July 10, 2008

Heading Home

Tonight, we fly home.
This has been the longest trip I've taken as a "single parent" (with a Hubby that is self employed, do you really want to take this much time off without billable work, just to see family? Nah, neither did we...). 10 days/9nights.

And has been the easiest one for me.

As they get older, they seem to enjoy this trip more than when they were young.

They look forward to which "cousin" we'll see that day, and whether this is an "auntie" that gives Thing One a present or not (since it was his birthday on Saturday, he scored some serious cash from even the extended "aunties").

And I am reminded what a blessing it is to visit those people who remember me when... So while my hair color has changed, and my size has's still something special to be able to take that trip down memory lane...and bring my Things along with me for the fun.

But all good things must come to an we'll be back home to our own beds later tonight...and that indeed will be a good thing too!


Stacie/my3weasels said...

Cute pics! Too bad I missed the SpongeBob moment. :rolleyes:


ganelle said...

I can't imagine trying to take a trip by myself at this point. I'm flying alone with all three boys next week, and that thought alone terrifies me!

tz said...

I'm with ganelle, a terrifying thought -- just the airport alone gives me're one brave woman!

Hokie Gal said...

Great pics! Glad you all had a great time!