Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: TV all reruns? Gee I hadn't noticed

Summer time...the perfect time to pick up a good book (or two) and drift away. No need to worry about the cost of gas with these sort of get-away adventures!


Colleen O said...

Me too!

I'm reading "The Sun Also Rises" - Hemingway, and "Love That Dog", - a fabulous 4th grader read. And Patricia Cornwell is my favorite! Ooh - I have suspense novel envy!

Kaye said...

I think I've watched TV once in the past month. All I want to do is sit and read, read, read.

ganelle said...

You'll have to give us the update on the best of your summer reads. I'm always looking for a new, good book to read - especially this time of year.