Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hubby Tagged

My friend Lee tagged me...and since it looks fun, I'll play along...

I figure I dedicate enough time yappin' about me and the Things, Hubby is due for a little attention on the blog...

So here we go...
What is his name? Domingo
How long have you been married? It will be 13 years in November
How long did you date? Um, maybe 18 months or so? A year of dating, and a six month engagement.
How old is he? 48
Who eats more? If we're talking the healthy stuff, he wins hands down...
Who said I love you first? Probably me...I talk more...I'm sure I said this long before he did
Who is taller? Have you met me? Of course, everyone, hubby included is taller than me
Who sings better? While neither one of us are great, he is the less frightening
Who's temper is worse? I'm probably that's he's got Maria, he is much more zen...Does this mean I need a motorcycle?
Who does the laundry? Me...and really it is OK, I'm a bit of a control freak about this

Who does the dishes? Me...most of the time, although he's always willing to help
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed (when you are facing it)? He does
Who pays the bills? Me. Which is okay. I do most of the spending too :)
Who cooks dinner? Unless I'm in the mood for spam sandwiches, it is me in the kitchen
Who drives when you are together? Dom...I hate to drive
Who has more friends?I win this one...but the friends he has, he keeps forever
Who has more siblings? Another win for the Hubby...he's got brothers and a sister. I just have a sis
Who wears the pants in the family? I'd say we're pretty much balanced in the power department if that's what this question is really asking. But, yes, we both prefer to wear pants over other types of clothing.
OK...I'm tagging Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Thomas. and Lady Redundant Woman (because she really is overdue for a decent blog update). I'd tag Mrs. Kravitz but I think despite our assorted pleas, she hasn't started a blog yet...
PS: yes, I know I skipped 12 on the 12th: did you want to see pictures of me mopping the floor, lunching with Mama Z, grocery shopping, dusting, cooking dinner, supervising homework, watching the Things opt to color and write stories over video games (ah yeah, that I should have captured in pictures as it happens so rarely) and me spending the evening on the couch catching up on Brothers and Sisters watching them on the laptop? Yep, gainfully unemployed...I'm living life large these days I tell ya!


Sitting in Silence said...

What a great tag....I really enjoyed it..

Thanks for sharing and great photo !

Lee said...

YAY, I'm so glad you did it! Great photo. I'm happy to find another couple married in November. No one gets married then ... except us, and you! Love your blog. And I do wish you had done 12 of 12 ... did you read mine? Hello? Errand day!

Colleen O said...

DOH! I knew I should have just updated mine and made a run for it!