Monday, March 03, 2008

From boohoo to yahoo...

Thing Two is going on a field trip Wednesday. While I volunteered to chaperone, I learned they already had enough parents asking to go, and not enough space on the bus for all of us willing and able parents.

Initially I was rather sad. I know, I'm a freak but I rather enjoy these adventures with my kids. I get to see a side of them that I don't often get to be a part of.

My sadness turned to happiness today when I heard the weather forecast. It ain't pretty!
Ha! That will teach them to turn away the Volunteer of the Year for 2007!
(insert evil snicker, sneer!)

1 comment:

tz said...

and did you already schedule that day you get a free day to 'enjoy' the weather by sipping coffee and scrapbooking?