Monday, December 31, 2007

The Last word

For I have anything of great importance to blog about before this year ends?

  • Gee, why start now? As I am the first to admit that while the stuff I blog about is important to me, it isn't really a blog dedicated to really important things. For those types of blogs, well, I wouldn't know where to send you because that sort of stuff just doesn't interest me. I'm more of a fluff blogger/reader.
Hubby is home. Murphy may now leave the premises.

  • Shortly after he and his buddy made it down the mountain, the roads leading to the mountains were closed. I think they remain closed as I am writing this. Regardless, I prefer not to go there in terms of the "what ifs" as I understand their drive home was rather risky. He's home, we're happy he's home and all is well with the world once again (although the oven remains broken, we think we've located the part even though the fools at Sears tell us that it is so old they aren't required to keep the replacement piece).

I'm really rambling here, aren't I?

  • Oh well...pretty soon we'll fix ourselves a happy hour drink. Big Booze News for me: while I enjoy a glass of wine, the older I've gotten the more trouble wine has given me in terms of headaches and sleepless nights. So, thanks to a couple friends, I've now joined in the Gin and Tonic bunch. YeeHaw: I can get soused with my dad as that is his favorite drink as well. Figure, if I can't beat him, might as well join him. Gin and Tonics must agree with old people: no headaches, no dry mouth and yet you still end up with that overall happy, toasty warm feeling (and given as cold as it has been lately, yes, I've enjoyed several such beverages).
Oh gosh, would she just shut this rate it will be midnight before anyone gets to the end of this posting.
  • 3.2.1: I'm DONE....Happy New Year!
(and no, I didn't type this entry while drinking...that's my story and I"m sticking to it!)
The photos shared in this posting are in tribute to JayZ. You'll never snooze alone, friend.


Dodi said...

happy new year!

tz said...

JayZ wants to see one of DH open mouthed....but thanks you for the tribute ;-)

I think pics of sleeping kids are great

Sitting in Silence said...

Happy New Year !!

Great pic of Daddy and son....

Talk about two spunks !!!