Friday, November 09, 2007

Spelling Humor

The Things are night and day different when it comes to their aptitude for spelling. One kid looks at the word once, and remembers it from here to eternity. The other kid, not such a talent for spelling.

Last night, we were working on spelling with the one who doesn't really care for spelling words correctly. He was asked to write words that had the -ck ending. He snickered and giggled when he suggested "bick".

Well, color me confused! What's so funny about that word (if it even is a word?).
Then I remembered a week or two ago when he shyly told me he'd heard a new bad word....and spelled it that same way. At the time I just smiled, I was sad that he'd heard such a word, but grateful that he'd heard it wrong, and hopeful this innocence of whispering bad words would last forever.

Now? I still find it funny...but's a classic example of why being able to spell properly is important. If you are going to write cuss words, make sure you've got them spelled right!


tz said...

D&#$ right!
Word Check is a life saver! spelling's a bick for me.

i'm sure i'll think of some other naughty things to say, after all my blog was pg13

Colleen Dobson said...

lake - according to C - l-a-i-c-k
I think maybe she's over thinking it.

Friday I had the pleasure of listening in to a 4th grade, "what is and is not appropriate" talk - thanks to MTV - pimp, gangster and hustler are cool things to be. I don't know how the spelling was, but they had no clue what the words actually meant.