Sunday, November 25, 2007


I know, I should be grateful that my boys are early birds. Some day I will appreciate their willingness to get up and get going each morning with such a cheerful attitude.

But come on folks...a four day weekend. FOUR opportunities to go without alarm clocks and just let our bodies wake us up naturally.

Why oh why did they both wake up on three of those four mornings at exactly and precisely 6:03 each morning?

Good thing there is plenty of coffee to get my morning attitude re-adjusted. Because for this self described morning person, even 6:03 is TOO early to start the day.


Colleen Dobson said...

yep - the little buggers may turn me into a morning person yet.

Except for me it will flip flop. Why is it that come Monday I'll have to pull them kicking and screaming from their warm and toasty beds?

tz said...

i was could have called...we could have had early morning cawfee

Dodi said...

With you! So with you!