Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Simple Things

We're staying at a "Boutique hotel". Still looks like a regular hotel to me but there are a couple features my Things aren't used to seeing. A stocked mini-bar and snack center (HUGE threat issued not to touch that $4 bag of matter how tasty it may look). Sterling silver ice bucket...and wine goblets instead of plastic cups.

The boys have had a blast playing bar tender One pours the soda into the wine class and offers it up to his brother. They even announced last night: "Happy Hour, just like Grandpa!". This morning? Thing One announced to his brother "I'll be butler, where is your goblet sir?".

who needs fancy toys and gadgets...they just needed soda (that we bought at the grocery store across the street) and wine glasses. They've been entertaining themselves for hours!


tz said...

it's great that kids can use their imaginations like...i just read that the cardboard box made the toy hall of fame..only non toy that's done so..maybe goblets will be next?

agent713 said...

That's awesome. Be sure to get a picture!