Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Rules of engagement

One of the regular rituals shared by the guys here in the House of Chang is the nightly beating or punches. Think wrestling with the winner taking the final gentle punch. Yes, I'm sure some day my boys will mention this to the wrong people and social services will be coming to check things out...but it really is one of those innocent father-son bonding moments.

Earlier this evening, we were reminding the boys about some of the rules of such slug fests. Just between Dad and the boys. Only in fun and never do you hit, punch, slug or wrestle a girl.

And while they both agreed that it is never ok to hit a girl, Thing Two was a bit more curious. "Dad, can a chick wrestle another chick?".

Without missing a beat, my husband loudly chuckled "only in your dreams, son, only in your dreams".

Oh services is so going to have their hands full on that report!


tz said...

again, beautiful scrapbook pages by martha!

I'm so glad yo mentioned this was a joke, i had my fingers on the dial ready to phone family protective services right away!

your DH is a funny guy!

Dodi said...

Could have been worse... the reply could have been, "Only in Jello, son, only in Jello."

Colleen Dobson said...

OK, maybe boys and girls are different. . . then again, maybe not. I suppose if they thought they could get away with it they'd start slugging. "But never hit a boy girls, cause they have more upper body strength. Try kicking them instead." Where am I going with this? To bed I suppose. It is 8 pm on a Friday night. Pathetic.