Saturday, September 15, 2007

Colorado has talent!

Last night, I gathered a couple of my friends and we went to hear my co-worker (she's technically my supervisor but she gets embarrassed when I call her Boss Lady) and her musical group perform in their A Capella group. I admit: I made the plans to go out of a sense of employee obligation. I'm more of a theatre kind of gal.

Or so I thought...

OMG: this wasn't like anything I'd heard before. I remembered from some long forgotten Music Appreciation class what A Capella meant. I just didn't realize it was more than what a church choir does on Sunday morning.

These folks were good. No, make that great! My favorite was the Barbershop Quartets that performed in addition to JD's group. They had this amazing talent for infusing humor into their act so it felt like part comedy club, part theatrical performance all topped off with some amazingly talented voices.

It is no wonder that the one group recently placed 3rd in the International Competition for Barbershop Quartets. But if they were third (and 17th, was the other placing for the group): I'd really love to hear what a first place group sounds like because all these performers were top notch. And, so not a bunch of old geezers in funny hats singing Sweet Adeline!

Next time I hear about one of their shows, you can bet my attendance won't be out of obligation but out of a desire to hear some really fantastically talented individuals who shine on stage!

*and no, I'm not saying this to schmooze boss lady. She doesn't even know I have a blog


tz said...

ooooh, how i wish i could have gone! maybe next time! sounds great!

Colleen Dobson said...

My dad used to belong to the very large group of old farts called SPEBSQA - Something P E Barber Shop Quartet Association? The very "Mile High" chapter that Darin Drown has perfected and improved.

(Part of the improving included weeding out the half hearted, just there for the socialization types, like my father. But - he admits they are better without him, and he just wasn't willing to take it that seriously.)- I used to go all the time with a crying baby. I'm thinking the girls night out way might be more enjoyable.