Monday, July 23, 2007

While he looks like his daddy...

I love seeing so much of me in my younger son! Saturday night, he tells me "Mom, I saw some blueberries in the fridge." Yes, you did. "And, I saw a tub of cool whip.". yes, that's right there is some in there. "Do you think we could have berries and cream?". UM, hello...of course we can.

And now, Monday morning rolls around and we're waiting for Thing One to wake up (he woke up once and went back to bed, saying he had a rough night. He does have restless nights from time to time). I've got HGTV on.

Thing Two chimes in "Oh yeah, this is the show we bet on to figure out which one they'll buy. I'm guessing #2, how about you?".

His momma's sweet tooth and a willingness to watch HGTV?
Oh my, you are so a mini-me! :)

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tz said...

when jake was in preschool (kck) we would come home after school and watch Rachel Ray together on the food was our little 'tradition' i LOVED it!