Monday, July 30, 2007

Can you feel it?

There is something in the air here at the House of Chang. I think Hubby summed it up when this morning he commented about a sense of dread and doom. I'm sure it will pass soon enough: we just need to get through these next couple of days.

Hubby is leaving his current customer in pursuit of a more challenging, and better paying customer. With that comes a whole mixture of emotions. You know it will all work out eventually but right now, there is a fair amount of worry going on. Mostly his worry. But I can feel a little bit of it myself.

The Things head back to school tomorrow. I'm just making that turn toward "yeah it is time". I'm not totally on board with the whole being back in school mode. But then again, it has been so hot nobody even feels like going to the pool. And we've spent all the $ that we need to spend right now, so they might as well be in school, right?

Fingers crossed that this year their teachers live up to their reputations. Last year, Thing Two's teacher did live up to her reputation. Which given it was a bad one, it didn't make us happy to learn that all the rumors about her proved to be accurate. This year, the teachers have excellent reputations so my fingers are crossed that my kids will each have a great year.

And as for me, I return to my part time gig on Wednesday. I've had so much time off that I really don't care to work at all. But, I know once I'm there I'll be OK. is always that getting there that is the hardest part of any journey...
(and yes, Sue, this time I am thinking about you when I make this observation. Hang in there and know that the right opportunity will present itself when the time is right,OK?)


tz said...

and i'm counting down for the END of my semester....

Dodi said...


Two words: Dry Creek

I'm just sayin.... :)

Sue said...

Aw, thanks for the special mention! I'm feeling better about it this week because I've been gone and ignoring it. That's healthy, right? RIGHT??? LOL