Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Stream of Consciousness

Seems I"m the last one in my usual circle of blogging pals to give this challenge a whirl:
  • the challenge: Just write. Stream of consciousness. Doesn't matter if it even makes sense. Who cares if it flows. Just start. Just type whatever pops into your brain. Go.

Man, my head hurts this morning. did i take some allergy/sinus/headache stuff. Yeah I did, I left the water glass on the counter. Coffee probably making it worse. who cares. I love my morning cup of Joe. would people be surprised to learn I talk to myself a lot. need to find out what time the classes are going to the park for their picnic. promised to bring the boys mcdonalds and extra fries for their friends. come home. clean up the basement. work on teachers gift. fold laundry from yesterday, start laundry for today. make some long overdue cards. check with aunt Phyllis to make sure that we can stay with them next month or should we stay in a hotel with a pool ?but the boys aren't as excited about just swimming as they once were. Tired. Is it Friday yet? Take out the trash. Figure out which smoke detector is beeping. quit talking to myself: let it go, it isn't a big deal. Uh oh Gotta go . coffee is kicking in. am I done talking? no I've always got something more to say. that's a problem I should work on. work out: walk this morning with Sherri: my favorite new morning ritual second only to the cup of coffee. look are we almost out of good coffee? Yeah there is always folgers, but it is FOLGERS for goodness sake. Emergency use only. add it to the grocery list. now I really have to go potty. outta here. Still talking to myself.

Whew...I'm tired but it feels good to take that conversation and release it.

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tz said...

so those stream of consciousnesses in the morning involve coffee