Friday, April 13, 2007


*Thing Two is waiting and more than ready should any aliens invade. He also tells me he was waiting to wedgie his brother. (he's 7 what can I say, he doesn't always make sense)

*Hubby and I are both waiting to hear from the accountant. This late in the game can only mean we owe, and the quieter he remains, the more worried I am getting.

* I've also been waiting for the weathermen to make up their minds. Lots of snow forecasted. Oh wait, nope, now just a little bit. Nope, now it looks like it is going to the south, might be a wet commute. Uh, our bad, storm missed us, not even a wet commute. Now, I'm not complaining about snow and bad weather missing us. But, I wish they wouldn't tease me with the prospects of being snowed in. (I wanted to stay in my jammies all day without even a moment of guilt)

*Still waiting for this cold of mine to do something. Or maybe it is allergies. Either/or, I'm tired of feeling like I've got Irish step dancers doing the River Dance show on my sinus cavities

*And finally, I"m waiting for some new craft stuff that I ordered to be shipped. It's gonna feel like Christmas in April when it gets here and I'm so excited. But, it really was too good of a deal to pass up on, eh my fellow Close to My Heart enthusiasts?

So, while I've spent the day waiting, I decided to work on that stash from 2005. (see, TZ, it has taken me almost a week, not your predicted 5 minutes). I got 6 pages done today...all while waiting. Hope you enjoy them. I know I feel good about getting them scrapbooked finally!

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tz said...

awesome layouts! and i can't wait to see the stuff you ordered. and one week is 5 minutes in my world! you've done GREAT