Friday, April 06, 2007

That's a wrap

This layout marks the end of updating my family Christmas album. Yahoo! I don't remember when I have gotten the Christmas album updated this early in the year. But it also means the end of this project. to figure out what to scrap next?

How about if you all help me decide. Do I go back and work on that stack of 2005 pictures I found when reorganizing. Or, do I work on the Jan 2007 vacation to CA or do I go all "alpha scrapper" and start working on stuff from last week's vacation to FL? What do you think? Help me get inspired.

1 comment:

tz said...

hmmm, whatever makes me look the least slackerish! Oh never mind whatever you work on is more than I've done, so I'll still look like a slacker. here's my vote, 2005, that way when you work your way forward to can be more nostalgic since like five minutes will have passed between finishing 2005 album and your next project.
thanks for coffee, as always, coffee yummy and strong and company fun!