Saturday, April 14, 2007

It's a wrap...

21 pages. In one week. Might just be a personal best. (not including crop weekends, that's a whole different setting and productivity is much better when you are surrounded by inspiring people and layouts). And, I've reached a good stopping point. Not to mention, the Things return to school on Tuesday and I return to work so I need to focus on some other things so that re-entry isn't quite so painful for all of us. Yeah, we've gotten a bit too casual in our routine. But we have had a relaxing and fun time.

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you'll recognize these pictures. They were some of the first pictures I used when I started blogging. So, I decided to journal about how I've enjoyed my blogging experience thus far. The layout isn't anything too unique but in a way, it marks a milestone. Pretty much everything that I crop from here on out, is from a post-blog era which makes remembering when for the journaling so much easier. if I can only remember to blog, I"ll be all set.


tz said...

I always forget the bath pics....i should make them go take one right now!
again, another fab job!

Martha said...

Well, they get to that age, where if you don't use lots of bubbles, it could get a little inappropriate. Which is why the chipboard monogram is where it is. Not quite 100% bubble coverage on Miles. :)