Friday, March 23, 2007

Seeing Double

I get asked a fair amount if the Things are twins. Between their genetics (one is blessed with his mother's short stature, while the other one we're hoping has inherited his dad's genes for at least average guy height) and my habits (might as well out myself, because if I don't, Hubby will: but yes, I often dress them similar if not identical and they sport the same haircut), I understand why people get confused.

No, they aren't twins but they sure look like they could be is my standard reply. People don't like learning their guess was wrong so I've learned over time to reassure them that their vision isn't failing them.

Today was our track off day and as is school tradition, we had the awards assembly for quarterly achievements in math and reading. Thing One knew he'd earned the final math prize: a t-shirt. Poor fella had been stuck on that last test for weeks!

But Thing Two: well, as a first grader, this whole math master stuff is still a mystery to him. Imagine my delight (along with his older brother's) when we learned he too had reached the final prize.

And of course, I was there with camera in hand to capture it all. Because well, sometimes a post is worthless without pictures, eh?

Yep, they sure could pass for twins today...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to my super smart nephews! Way to go boys.

Love, Aunt Laura

tz said...

very cool!

Colleen Dobson said...

whooo hoo! I can picture years from now, the framed Tshirts on their wall of fame - (did you see "Meet the Fawkers") - good way to start the track off.