Sunday, January 28, 2007

Procrastinating Funk

I really need to be working on some administrative stuff. Paperwork shuffling. But just not in the mood. You might think that means I'd waste some time updating my blog.

But, not only am I procrastinating, I'm in a funk which means I've got nothing worth blogging about.

So instead, in true Martha fashion, I've turned on HGTV, put on a second pot of coffee (chocolate raspberry, too fro fro for Hubby) and am waiting for the homemade banana bread to finish baking.

Meanwhile, after spending many days working on clearing a path, Hubby is heading out for a ride on Maria. Yahoo...there is peace and happiness once again in the House of Chang. For although the phrase is If Momma ain't happy, no body is our case, Momma can't be happy until Hubby gets some time on his bike.

Maybe that will cure me of my procrastinating funk?


tz said...

oh thank you for writing because it helps me procastinate by reading YOUR blog! I am going to LEAVE the house to get some studying done...If I am at a coffee place with just my books I can not be distracted!

tz said...

me again (yes i know i have totally mastered the art of procastination) so i notice your blog is time stamped 958 am and as I was also watching hgtv at that same time i have to ask...don't you just love that show where 'barry' redesigns those 'dumps' of houses and then the people get to choose one....what is it, hidden potential or something like that...

ok, really i'm gonna go study now