Friday, January 05, 2007

In all the years of traveling we are asking ourselves:

How did we miss the perks of being able to access the USO club?

We are trying to get to California and left really early for the airport (more snow today, around 6 inches) only to discover good driving conditions, no lines, no crowds and no hassles at security. So, this has left us with way too much time before our flight leaves. So Hubby suggested we check out the USO club.

He's got his ID with him, so we trotted up here, expecting to find a dark room with plastic folding chairs and stale coffee.

Who would have guessed we'd find paradise when it comes to killing time with kids at an airport. They have 4 (yes, FOUR) consoles with X-Box 360, at least 3 different plasma screen TVs showing a variety of programs. And as for those plastic chairs. Try leather recliners with cup holders. Easily 2 dozen of them. Snacks and soda all complimentary. Oh, and although the Things are too old, they even have a little play area with an assortment of toddler toys. Laptops, free wireless Internet and a sleeping area make this the perfect place to kill time without killing your wallet.

The downside: our flight leaves at 9:30 and the USO closes at 8pm. Oh my, 90 minutes to kill with the common folk. How will we manage?

And the last burning question is: how will Thing Two make it until 9:30 when he's used to crashing by 8pm at the latest? (as for me, I"ll manage to stay awake thanks to coffee. For him, I"m hoping that the coke we just let him have gives him enough energy to make it until we board the plane. He's way too heavy to carry onto a plane like we did "back in the day"!).

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Anonymous said...

So glad to see that you made it. I have been thinking alot about you all today. Enjoy the warm sunshine. We will miss you. Carol and the boys.

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