Sunday, January 28, 2007

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Procrastinating Funk

I really need to be working on some administrative stuff. Paperwork shuffling. But just not in the mood. You might think that means I'd waste some time updating my blog.

But, not only am I procrastinating, I'm in a funk which means I've got nothing worth blogging about.

So instead, in true Martha fashion, I've turned on HGTV, put on a second pot of coffee (chocolate raspberry, too fro fro for Hubby) and am waiting for the homemade banana bread to finish baking.

Meanwhile, after spending many days working on clearing a path, Hubby is heading out for a ride on Maria. Yahoo...there is peace and happiness once again in the House of Chang. For although the phrase is If Momma ain't happy, no body is our case, Momma can't be happy until Hubby gets some time on his bike.

Maybe that will cure me of my procrastinating funk?

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

38 days

This morning I sent the Things back to school after having 38 days off from school (that includes the weekends). All in all we had a good time. Perhaps too good of a time as neither boy was that excited to go back. But they marched in without giving me any grief. Was it the $2 I bribed them with or the "talk" that Hubby had with them last night? Doesn't matter. Important thing is that we're back in the groove. Which means I need to sign off and go get myself ready for work as I too have been off for 38 days. Sadly, neither the $2 bribe or the talk from Hubby has me marching off with a happy attitude.

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Today I was working on updating Thing One's school scrapbook. Now, I've been making albums for both boys for many years and they know that I enjoy this craft. On numberous occasions, he has told people that I'm a crazy scrapbook lady. But I don't think he's ever paid that close of attention to what exactly I am doing. Until Today...

He said "Mom, that's me at school". as he looked at the page I was working on. Yes, I explained. All of these pages focus on you and school. He quickly added "well, then get busy woman, I want to see MORE". He took off and not five minutes later, he came back and said "aren't you done yet?" Patience is not his virtue.

Around 4, I got to a good stopping point and headed outside to assess the snow fall. My turn for a discovery. For instead of the "flurries" that the weather man predicted, we had at least 7 inches of new snow. And with Hubby still recovering from his cold, I took on the task of shoveling. By the time I finished, I looked up towards the sky and shouted "Aren't you done yet?"

That impatience I noticed in Thing One? Me thinks he gets it from his mother...

Saturday, January 20, 2007

So much for that clean house!

It was looking so pretty and neat yesterday. But, now today with Hubby feeling sickly, clouds rolling in bringing flurries and my determination to spend some time in the craft room, the house has gotten more than a bit rumpled.

Oh well, at least the Things played nice enough (even if they made like mini-tornadoes in their wake) and allowed me to finish up 6 scrapbook pages. Ah, it has been awhile since I've scrapped stuff that I get to keep. Much as I love making things for others, I'm ready to work on my own stuff for awhile.

This second layout is actually something from the calendar workshop I went to a few months ago. I'm really not into scrapbooked calendars, but was happy that I figured out a way to re-use the pieces that we made in class (the lighter brown March center is an 8x8 element that was originally a calendar page). And yes, that is a rear end you see in the photo. Who could resist the photo op when they insisted on putting tattoos back there. Yep, those boys are doomed between my blog and my interest in taking photos. All sorts of evidence to embarrass them with when they get a bit older. Ok, I doubt anything will embarrass Thing One. But Thing Two should be properly mortified with all the material I"m accumulating.

And a final comment: I'm scrapbooking some photos from when my blogging habits really started to kick in. I"m finding this makes the SBjournaling so much easier and more thorough. That alone should keep me going in this blogging endeavor for a little bit longer.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Cabin Sickness

Thing One announced that he's got "400% cabin sickness". I'm thinking he means cabin fever and I totally get the 400% part. Sadly, I was not being the overprotective, in a hurry mom when I took Thing Two into the clinic on Monday as we got the call Tuesday telling us he's got strep throat. Sometimes it is no fun being "right".
And since he's not responding as quick as his brother and mother wish he would, we've all been stuck in the house waiting for him to feel better. And now, as Friday approaches, the forecasters are calling for yep,...flurries again (big surprise there, eh?)
So, I'll just have to take my glass of Merlot and reflect on what a difference a week makes. Yep, wishing I were there instead of here.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Telling it like it is..

I took Thing Two in to see the doctor today. Not that his symptoms truly warranted it. But, I was being impatient Mom, wanting to rule out strep while Hubby was working from home today (allowing me to leave Thing One with Hubby, making it an appt of convenience as well).

So the Doc asks him "Do your ears hurt?"
"Yeah they do. But that's because, well you know, my brother he chatters A LOT and that hurts my ears".

I'm not sure how that doctor managed to keep from laughing but I"m sure he made a bee-line for the nurse's station to share the humor with the nurses. I know I sure would have had I been on that end of the stethoscope!

Can't you just hear the music?

This week's blog challenge: There are some songs that take you back to specific events, places and times. Choose one song (or a few!) that do that for you, and tell us about it.

I freely admit to being incredibly musically challenged. My favorite group? Um, don't know, whatever is playing on the radio. I'm a little better when it comes to my country music. But as for Top 40 pop tunes, I'm clueless. Couldn't tell you the difference between a counted crow from a black eyed pea. Thanks to Google, I"m a little less dorky and on many occasions I've googled lyrics that I hear and like, in hopes of finding who performs the song. Where would I be without Google?

OK, on to the task at hand...

When I listen to 80s music, I realize I drank a lot in college because with most of the tunes I hear, I think "I got wasted with Jen, Trish, and Tracy (Not TZ, because you know she was all serious with JZ, but I"m guessing had I known her then, we'd have had a good time at Boot Night!) at the Cowboy Bar with this song" or "Oh my, that was playing when we road tripped to Sheridan. Remember when we got pulled over for speeding in the school car and talked our way out of the ticket because we were hung over?". Uh...I"d better stop here before I spill all my past sins.

If I hear a classic George Strait or Garth, I"m reminded of my single Army chic days and recall the fun had in San Antonio learning to 2 step the Texan way (apparently what we did in WY isn't the same? ). Yep, music can remind you of the fun you had "back then".

Music can also make me a little nostalgic and weepy. Give me a really good recording of The Battle Hymn of the Republic and I'm reminded of my mom playing her organ on Saturday afternoons whenever her favorite team, Georgia was playing (this is the tune for the UGA fight song). It was one of the few times you'd hear Audrey cuss. And to Hell with Georgia Tech she'd belt out.

Kenny Loggins and his Return to Pooh corner is another one that takes me back to when the Things were so tiny and fragile. I'd put this CD on and we'd just rock and snuggle. "if you fall, I'll pick you up I miss those moments but yet wouldn't trade where we are now for the world.

Music does indeed make the heart sing. Even if you don't know the name of the song or the person who performs it. You heart still sings when the right song is playing!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

And the winner is...

Hubby! Without any insider tips, he guessed 432. Which he typed in with a rather fed up tone to my paparazzi ways.

I just finished deleting and downloading the last batch and the total is 435!

Yikes, that is indeed a lot of photos. Sure hope that Clark's has another 0.02/print sale soon!

As for the prize, I'm still thinking about what he should get? Any suggestions? Keep it PG, as at least the oldest Thing has started to read over my shoulder...

And she wonders why he's sick today

We made it back home without any major issues. However, starting last night Thing Two has complained about a cough. Only thing is, we're not hearing any coughing. We think he means his throat is sore. And now he's got a low grade temp and is taking a nap. (that like NEVER happens with this one). Oh well, at least he made it until we got home before getting sick. That's our Thing Two, always trying to please others and do the right thing.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Reaching the end of the road

The weather has turned on us. Bringing first clouds and cold and now wind and cold. While is it not as bad as CO it has also put a bit of a damper on our plans for fun in the sun. That's the bad news. The good news is that these locals think such less favorable weather conditions are tantamount to a blizzard so we had LegoLand practically to ourselves. It wasn't enough that the Things got to ride their favorites over and over. On one occasion they had the ride to themselves. Yep, seemed like a fair trade to me. I bundle up and have the park to myself. I'd have to verify the facts but I believe they rode one of the coasters 6 time straight without waiting in any sort of line.

And since we've reached the end of our journey, with lighter wallets and weary souls, today is just a hanging out in the hotel sort of day. Getting ready for our return trip to CO tomorrow. However I am dreading the hours of waiting at the airport a little less now that we've discovered the USO club concept.

*oh, and these photos are just a sneak peek of the photos taken. Suffice to say, I set a new personal best for photos taken on one trip. Anyone care to guess just how many I've taken? I'll award a prize to the person that comes closest in her guess without going over. Of course, that will mean I'll have to count them and fess up to my serious love affair with my Nikon D50~ I really want to out myself THAT much?

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

If you really knew, would you still be my friend?

This week's blog challenge involves sharing 5 tidbits about yourself that others might not know.

1. I'm afraid of escalators. Oh sure, I will ride them but you'll see I'm rather anxious until I've reached solid ground.

2. My most natural state is one of messiness. OK, for my sis and my hubby (both regular blog readers) this is no great revelation. But, for the rest of you, you'd probably be surprised to learn that I feel clothing tossed near the laundry basket is good enough (eventually they get put in the basket, usually on my way down to the laundry room), that sinks don't need to be wiped down from toothpaste globs unless company is coming over and that, I have this whole issue with caps and lids. Do they really need to be put back on the bottle? It just seems so pointless. You'll be using the stuff again soon, just leave the cap off.

3. I have a really foul mouth. Again, no surprise to the immediate family. Even my children will out me and tell you "mommy yells at cars A LOT when she drives". And although I'm not a fan of the "F" bomb, I do find that the D word is a quick way to release some pent up tension. Same with the S word, especially if you draw it out and add a southern twang. A long time family friend introduced me to the power of that word when he'd remark on his wife's antics. S*******T Caroline, will you just hush? :)

4. I couldn't cook at all when I first left home and was living on my own. Oh, I could bake and boil water but that's about it. I first saw a garlic press when I was 24. I'm still not much of a gourmet cook but I can hold my own when it comes to putting out a spread that doesn't require a side of pepto to get through it.

5. I cannot sing (again, no big surprise if you've had the pleasure of sitting next to me in church) but oh how I love to annoy my family with my attempts. Same with dancing. Think Elaine in Seinfeld. Yep, that's me. Only I know I've got no rhythm. I just prefer to ignore this minor detail.

Now, will you still be my friend? Hope so...


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Bits and Pieces

Trip Update:

Things are going pretty much according to plan. Ok, so we didn't plan for Thing 1 to do an upchuck right there in the booth at Chili's. But
short of that, we're doing ok.

We tried to stop and walk along the Golden Gate Bridge but a sunny Sunday afternoon had brought out all sorts of folks, making parking difficult and we just wanted to get through town and away from the traffic of it all. The Things seemed cool with that. They seem to be inheriting their parents dislike for traffic and crowds.

We stayed with Hubby's uncle in what the Things called his hotel. They were most impressed with the fireplace next to the toilet while I prefered the massage chair and the all hard wood floor decor. Oh, and the giant kitchen island with the professional Viking Stove and hood was also worth a bit of envy. Note, this is NOT Uncle's hotel but rather Weird Mrs. Winchesters very odd house in San Jose. His house is big, but not that big.

Today we made the scenic drive through the Central CA valley. If I hear snickering, that surely means you too have "enjoyed" the drive of I-5 from the Bay down to San Diego. Suffice to say, we both agreed that yes, there is a stretch of road that is even more boring than those roads found in parts of Nebraska and Iowa.

Now we're relaxing and regrouping for some fun in the sun. The locals say it will be cooling off in the next couple of days: no more 80s plus, instead: brace yourself, it is only going to reach the high 60s! Considering CO is expecting yet another Friday filled with flurries, we are pretty ok with a California cold front. Besides, we get to meet Shamu tomorrow.

Now lets see if I can give us all one more dose of Baby E! He is indeed EVERYTHING a baby should be and more...and he has made this trip worth all the headaches associated with travel.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Genetically predispositioned

The Chang brothers held their first meeting, welcoming the newest member into their "really round melon" club. It really is all in the genes, wouldn't you say? Thing 1 was being difficult and opted not to join in the group photo shoot but that's ok, he's got a bit less of a big head compared to the others.

Seriously, our little E is truly adorable and perfect in every way. So cute, that had he not had that explosive toot and been just ever so slightly resistant to sleep, I'd have had a full blown case of little baby fever. As it was, he performed perfectly: just enough work to remind me that babies are lots of work but oh so worth it...

Today we're off to Marin county to see the in laws. Crossing over the Golden Gate bridge which the things are most excited about doing. We've been here countless times before, but now they are old enough to recognize the landmarks they've been seeing since they were wee little ones. And that of course, makes the trip all that more fun for us grownups...

Friday, January 05, 2007

In all the years of traveling we are asking ourselves:

How did we miss the perks of being able to access the USO club?

We are trying to get to California and left really early for the airport (more snow today, around 6 inches) only to discover good driving conditions, no lines, no crowds and no hassles at security. So, this has left us with way too much time before our flight leaves. So Hubby suggested we check out the USO club.

He's got his ID with him, so we trotted up here, expecting to find a dark room with plastic folding chairs and stale coffee.

Who would have guessed we'd find paradise when it comes to killing time with kids at an airport. They have 4 (yes, FOUR) consoles with X-Box 360, at least 3 different plasma screen TVs showing a variety of programs. And as for those plastic chairs. Try leather recliners with cup holders. Easily 2 dozen of them. Snacks and soda all complimentary. Oh, and although the Things are too old, they even have a little play area with an assortment of toddler toys. Laptops, free wireless Internet and a sleeping area make this the perfect place to kill time without killing your wallet.

The downside: our flight leaves at 9:30 and the USO closes at 8pm. Oh my, 90 minutes to kill with the common folk. How will we manage?

And the last burning question is: how will Thing Two make it until 9:30 when he's used to crashing by 8pm at the latest? (as for me, I"ll manage to stay awake thanks to coffee. For him, I"m hoping that the coke we just let him have gives him enough energy to make it until we board the plane. He's way too heavy to carry onto a plane like we did "back in the day"!).

Thursday, January 04, 2007

The crop that wasn't..

Today I was supposed to be going to scrap with the neighborhood posse. The plan was we'd crop and chat while the kids all ran amok. Although I wasn't really in the mood to crop, I was in the mood to chat and laugh with adults (as we enter week 3 of 5 weeks off, I'm getting a bit weary of my limited interactions with adults). Apparently, I wasn't the only one with the "not in the mood to crop" because by the time I got there, it had been scaled down to just coffee and butter braid. One woman was out with tummy troubles. Another one was confident enough to admit "how about a movie instead?" And the hostess is just sort of in a post holiday haze and looking forward to a few weeks with the Task Master in her life being on an extended business trip. She's content to just go with the flow and enjoy leaving a mess out for more than 24hrs.

Change in plan? No problem, it all works for me.

But, in my efforts not to blow off a friend and her kind invitation, I had pulled together a little project to work on "just in case". When I got home, rather than put the stuff away I decided to just sit down and crank out this thank you project for a really good friend of mine. And, 12 pages later, I'm all finished.

So, it just goes to show that sometimes you might not be in the mood, but if you just take the time to pull something out and start working on it, creativity might just appear. Go ahead, give it a try. What do you have to lose?
Nah, I"m really not that philosophical and insightful. I"m just totally procrastinating on getting ready for our vacation which starts tomorrow. I wish I were like Dorothy, and I could click my ruby red slippers and we'd be all packed and have reached our destination, crushing a couple evil witches as our little house comes crashing down to Oz. But, it doesn't work that instead I'd better sign off and get my rear in gear.