Thursday, December 21, 2006

Helping Hands

Well, the men in the cul de sac spent the afternoon helping dig each other out. Again, I never made that connection that life at the end of the cul de sac means you've got more shoveling to do then just the driveway. But, they seemed to have a system down so I just stayed away from it all. Our new neighbor was leading the way to getting out. Is he just a neighborly kind of guy? I mean, he's got a 4wd pickup and was determined to get a path made. Mighty nice of him don't you think? Or perhaps being stuck inside a 3 bedroom house with a wife, 3 kids under age 4 and a great dane you're perhaps a bit more motivated to break the sense of isolation that we are enjoying here in our spacious 5 bedroom, all potty trained home? Hmmmm...the jury is still out on the reason for his kindness but I can happily report, should we need to get out, we now have an exit strategy.

PS: a shout of thanks to Ms. Nancy for the authorized Harley Shades. Thing Two has decided they are his.

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