Sunday, December 17, 2006

Craft Crap

That's what Hubby affectionately refers to my assorted crafting supplies. Of course, mostly he does it to tease me. It has become that running joke between us.

But, today I raise the white flag and admit, he's right this time.

A couple months back, Target had these adorable kits on clearance. One was an accordion album and the other was an envelope album. Ooh, they looked so pretty. They were packaged all nice and neatly in this really nicely constructed box and it said "all materials included". Ooh: I loaded up my cart and had that happy glow of "I know what I'm giving to her and her and maybe even her for Christmas!"

I put them in the closet and in accordance with my Holiday schedule (us Martha's have to do the Holiday prep thing in a certain order or else we get all frantic and confused), this morning I pulled the first one out to start working on it.

Ugh! Yuck! I now know there was a reason these kits were marked WAY done. The weight of the paper (or should say lack thereof) is less than the Things stash of construction paper. When I tried to adhere it, it wrinkled something fierce. Still confident I could make use of these supplies, I tried putting pictures on top of the wrinkled cheap paper.

Now I have something with pretty pictures on top of crappy, wrinkled, thin paper. ICKY! The pages look worse than my first layouts I did back in 1995 when I first discovered scrapbooking (and if you craft anything, you know your earliest works are not some of your best work)

He's right...this kit is indeed the epitome of craft crap.

So, my attempt to make some homemade gifts from the heart have come to an end. Tomorrow I'm cleaning it all up and calling it a wrap. 'Tis the season to move on or we'll never make it to Christmas in a sane state.

Oh well, at least my homemade fudge and Carmel corn turned out perfectly....

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