Sunday, October 15, 2006

Last week's blogger challenge

I tried to skip it completely. It invovled picking three books to have with you if stuck on a deserted island. I've never liked these sort of challenges: because just the thought of being stuck somewhere without my family, my TiVo and/or my high speed internet is more than my lazy, technology driven brain can handle.

But, now with a new week and a new challenge posted, guilt has gotten the best of me and I feel the need to play catch up. For starters, I would take some sort of survival guide.

I'd also take an epic history book. One that has a lot of pages because when I'm in the mood to read, I read rather quickly and I don't like reading the same stuff over. Historical fiction is the type of book I"d like to read these days, but my mind wanders way too quickly for me to focus for any length of time. Stuck on an island with few distractions, well I'm hoping I'd fnd the patience to focus on reading a bit more than I have these past few months.

And as for my third book, I"m thinking the bible or some book of inspirational messages would come in mighty handy. Because, once I've finished my other two books, I"ll be a cranky gal as I don't like reading the same stuff over and over. And yet, I'd be still stuck on that deserted island, all alone because I can never figure out which two celebrities I"d want with me (that's the other "what if/pick two" games I'm hopeless at!)

So, Rescue me quickly: I need my king sized bed, my color tv, my laptop computer not to mention the social fix I get daily from my family and friends!


tz said...

Both you and colleen said the bible and now i´m feeling so unchristian because that was not on the top of my maybe my blog challange should be what books should i take to hell...

and what celebreties did you choose¿

Diana Sioux said...

I'm not usually very good at these things either. I wanted to pick book SERIES. I think Stacy's trying to make us think too hard, don't you?