Sunday, October 01, 2006

Hey, did you miss me?

I'm home from my scrapbooking retreat. Had a wonderful time and I even managed to scrapbook 30 pages! I'd hope to get about 40 done but that's ok: I'm pleased with my pages and am glad I took the time on several of them to get it "just right". Spending time with my good friend Mrs. Mahoney was also a long overdue treat.

I rushed home a bit early (maybe rushed is an exaggeration) as I wanted to give Hubby a chance to ride his motorcycle on this wonderful Fall weekend. Yep, I admit it, I had next to no Mommy guilt with being gone (because face it, the kids get to be an age where they aren't as much work as during those infant/toddler years). But, I did have Biker Wife Guilt! Oh my, heavy sigh, look how far I've come in such a short time. But, in all honesty, this weekend, with clear blue skies and temps in the mid 70s, it seemed more like time for outdoor pursuits rather than indoor stuff.

I was home, had the car completely unloaded (which by the way, was a BLAST to drive. But, don't let Hubby know that I had fun driving HIS convertible) before the Things noticed I was home. Gee, they better not try to pull any such mommy guilt trip on me: I see evidence throughout the house that they had their every wish fulfilled in terms of trips to the video store and dining on fast food! And, they didn't even seem to notice my return.

But, well, Hubby, if/when he reads this, he'll know that he might just have a chance at playing the guilt card if I run away during Bike Season!


tz said...

wow congrats on the 30 pages, that's FANTASTIC. Sounds like a great weekend.

tz said...

oh and...of course we missed you!